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The Airline Chatbot Lied and a Passenger Sued, Why You Shouldn’t Care About Your VC Being ‘Founder Pleasant,’ and Will AI Slop Kill the Web? [link blog]

URLs. Contemporary sizzling URLs.

Air Canada Has to Honor a Refund Coverage Its Chatbot Made Up [Ashley Belanger/Wired] Air Canada’s chatbot gave a buyer incorrect details about bereavement fare insurance policies, and a courtroom held the airline accountable. Unclear whether or not the chatbot was really LLM powered – or by whom – nevertheless it’s a enjoyable piece of case regulation now (at the very least in Canada) for GPT hallucinations.

The chatbot offered inaccurate info, encouraging Moffatt to e book a flight instantly after which request a refund inside 90 days. In actuality, Air Canada’s coverage explicitly said that the airline won’t present refunds for bereavement journey after the flight is booked. Moffatt dutifully tried to comply with the chatbot’s recommendation and request a refund however was shocked that the request was rejected.

The perfect founders don’t care if an investor is “founder pleasant” [Harry Glaser/Modelbit] – Repeat founder Harry Glaser needs just a few issues from his VCs however “founder pleasant” ain’t one in all them [disclosure: we’re investors in his ML deployment startup ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ].

Founders wish to win so badly they put themselves in an all-in place. The traits an investor can reveal that make them irresistible to founders are: (1) A observe file of successful, (2) a deeply-held, thoughtfully-justified perception that this enterprise shall be a winner, and (3) an unbroken historical past of high-integrity conduct when the chips are down.

An old-school Las Vegas bookie takes on a brand new period of sports activities betting [Danny Funt/WaPo] – At all times love a ‘these guys are nonetheless doing it the best way it was once’ piece. South Level, one of many final household run motels in Las Vegas, does 3/4 of its sports activities betting enterprise IRL and nonetheless takes extra motion than some other establishment within the state.

Requested about some nationwide sportsbooks profiting as a lot as $30 for each $100 wagered whereas the South Level holds about $5 for each $100, Gaughan advised a narrative from early in his profession. Many riverboat passengers, he observed, spent a lot of the journey sitting round glumly after going bust on slots. Gaughan lowered slot maintain percentages so prospects solely ran out of cash as their boat was docking.

The demise (once more) of the web as we all know it [Noah Smith/Noahpinion] – Feeds, enshittification, AI slop and disinformation is making the buyer internet a large number. However possibly the trendy web must die? Or at the very least remodel itself.

So the web as we all know it — social media websites and the Internet — is changing into a usually worse place to hang around. Wading by oceans of commercials, algorithmic randomness antisemitic Russian bots, Tiktok-poisoned shouters, AI slop, and deepfakes is simply not a enjoyable technique to spend anybody’s valuable restricted lifetime.

Higher, maybe, to easily withdraw from the general public web — to spend one’s time chatting immediately with mates and in small teams, having enjoyable offline, and possibly watching TV or studying a e book or a Substack. That kind of human interplay labored fantastic earlier than the web, and it’ll most likely work simply fantastic at this time. Which is why even if the entire developments I discussed are detrimental, I’m optimistic about the way forward for our digital communications and our media eating regimen. Possibly sometime historians will look again on the period after we lived our lives on social networking websites as a short anomaly.

An Investor’s Perspective on the Worth of Common Verify-Ins [Charles Hudson/Precursor Ventures] – Going past the one:many electronic mail replace for why fast however ongoing conversations will be mutually useful.

As an investor, I don’t know, ex-ante, which of the 10-12 conferences per yr with a given firm shall be impactful. My expertise is that neither I nor the corporate can consider the worth of any of these conferences in actual time; the worth is commonly solely identified after the actual fact with the good thing about hindsight. Normally, 2 or 3 conferences every year will tackle choices materials to the corporate’s consequence. The opposite conferences permit us to get to know one another and (hopefully) construct mutual belief and a shared understanding of the issue the founders are tackling.

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